Frequently Asked Questions About The Keytars Party Band

DJ Song requests. ***Important***

If you have any specific song requests for us to DJ, you will need to supply the tracks to us prior to the event, either on a memory stick or in a Dropbox account. Files must be in MP3 format. 

Setting up our equipment. ***Important***

We require at least an hour to set up and test our equipment. Please bear in mind that your evening reception room will need to be empty when we are setting up. (You don't want us moving equipment whilst your trying to do your speeches!) If your wedding will be in the same room all day and night, please contact us to try to arrange an earlier time that we can set up during the day. (This might incur further charges if it is possible).

How much do you charge?

Unfortunately, it is really difficult to give an indication of our charges without knowing a bit more about your event. Various things can affect the cost of hiring a band including the date, the size and location of the venue, the length of time you want us to play and the equipment we will need to bring.

Our priority is to give your guests the best possible experience and to work within your budget wherever possible. So please, contact us now and we will be happy to give you a quotation with no obligation and no hard sell.

My venue is small and I'm only inviting a few guests. Should I book a smaller band?

From our experience, the size of venue and the number of guests bears no relation to the size of band that would be best suited to the event. The size of band should be dictated by the budget you have available and not by the size of the venue

What areas do you cover?

We are happy to play anywhere in the world! 

Where can I see you play?

Pubs, or Clubs - Keep an eye on our upcoming gigs either on this site or our Facebook page and the 'dates' page on this site.

Private Events

We also perform regularly at private functions around the UK. Although we cannot officially invite clients to these events it may be possible for you to get close enough to hear the band, particularly if the event is in a public building such as a hotel or restaurant. Please contact us now for full details of performance dates in your area.

How many members are in the band?

The Band has 3 members but we can also perform as a duo or Chris can perform a solo set if required.

Will the band need a PA or special lighting?
The band supply their own PA system. We also supply a dedicated lighting rig.

Do you take song requests?
Clients are welcome to request specific songs and we will try to accommodate these where possible.

What type of venues will you play?
The band will perform at a wide variety of venues from pubs & village halls to large country estates, theatres, halls, hotel function rooms. The band will also perform in marquees or outdoors, under cover, if the weather allows it. 

How much space do you need?
Depending on the band size a stage from 4m by 3.5m is adequate for our performance. 

How long do you need to set up?
We need about 60 minutes to set up in advance of the performance.

How long do you normally play for?
The Band usually performs up to 90 minutes of music but this can turn into longer if we get 'carried away'!

Will I also need to hire a DJ?
We are happy to play a selection of continuous music that is mixed together before and between our performances. Most clients do not find that they need a DJ in addition to the band and this.




Extra Services The keytars Party Band offer

Dj Service.

We can provide a DJ service before, in between, and after our performance for an additional fee.

Wedding Dinner Music.

We all have a strong background in acoustic music and often perform during the formal wedding dinner during the day. Or in the church at the actual ceremony for a small additional fee. (Depending on availability).

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